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Rolex Cellini Replica Watches

Rolex cellini watch is Rolex watch I wear, called for representatives of the "Tank" watch family, but also it is the other cellini watches prototype. Characterized by rectangular design, clean lines, rounded corner table ear, symbolizing the contribution of Rolex Art Deco made. Cellini SeriesThis series of watches much, here I recommend for everyone watches are W1529856. French cellinis with different angular, this watch is arguably in the shape of a round. The classic square case extending lugs, handle at the top of the lugs polished rounded nature, combined with 18K gold precious metals moist sheen, to better highlight the mellow elegance of mature women.

This watch uses a Rolex classic Roman numerals, it is worth mentioning that the Rolex common hidden in different subject at 7:00 secret signature, secret signature arranged in the dial of this watch the 10 o'clock hour markers of in. In addition, the watch also features a series of classic square rail cellini-type scale, highlights the unique and elegant classical style, two slender blue steel hands with silver grained dial showing classic elegance. This watch with a brown alligator leather strap and with a 18K gold pin buckle, matched with a 18K gold case, showing a pulse casual elegance temperament. Cellini This watch is also equipped with a quartz movement, the movement model for Rolex 057 quartz movement, accurate travel time and without quartz movement chain and school when the pursuit of the simple life is definitely the choice for women..

Summary: Today, we recommend the two watches are my personal watches in the cellini prefer watches, in my opinion the British cellinis hidden unique crown design neither completely eliminated so watch crown visually completely symmetrical, while increasing the difficulty of the crown on the chain and school operations is also to some extent, so do not like; while American cellinis slender case to make it look closer to the jewelry rather than watch, and there are more similar to other brands of watches in rolex cellini series. Of course, other family series Rolex cellini watches are still a lot of good, these views with a strong subjective emotion, for the Friends reference table

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